Thursday, 23 March 2017


Handmade Diya as might be found in India for the celebration of the Festival of Light. The kids worked together to read and measure the ingredients to make the dough for this little light which represents the triumph of good over evil.

What is PBL? It stands for Project Based Learning. The grade 3 classes launched our PBL today to give the kids more in-depth exposure to all the countries we will study this year: India, Ukraine, Peru, and Tunisia. Since all the classes are working together, students got to choose a partner from another classroom who will go on all the amazing race challenges with them.  Each classroom is transformed into a country and the students work together to complete a variety of either roadblocks or detours! Check out our blog on the link below for more information on the project and for pictures that will be coming soon!

We made Canadian backpacks and duct tape wallets filled with bills from each country. Those who trek through the countries and have money at the end will get to shop for a surprise! The way to keep money in your wallet is to stay on task, help and encourage each other, and solve all the roadblocks/detours!

The kids divided up and travelled to different destinations today with their buddies and came back excited to do it again on Tuesday! Our classroom is India and we had so much fun making diyas and rangoli and learning about animals, clothing, landmarks, and daily life in India. It was great to see the kids so excited and motivated to research and create things together! In the words of one of our students "it was the best day ever!!" Here's the link!  Great job Grade 3's!!!