Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Glimpse of Our Day!


What a wild and exciting day! We had the cast of batman, darth vader,zombies, princesses, tinkerbell, the green lantern and even a few ninjas in our class today! Check out all the yummy treats and fun activities we've done over the last few weeks!  The water colour bats were from one of today's centres and the lanterns (which are coming home in backpacks tonight) were an art project from last Monday! There are tea lights inside so you can put them in your window tonight! We had bat cupcakes, kitty litter (chocolate pudding!) and treat bags galore!  There were even some healthy veggies and dip and string cheese with crackers and real juice! Thanks so much for coming out to our parade and for all the time and effort that went into these goodies and costumes for the kids! I'm off to trick or treat!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

The big day is almost here! One more sleep until trick or treating! I can't wait to see all the costumes tomorrow! The kids are so excited to show off their spooky suits at the parade. We will be starting just after lunch around 12:30-12:40. Please feel free to come and bring your camera!

The grade one teaching team has dreamed up a super fun day of Halloween Centres where the kids get to rotate through all the classrooms and do a different activity, craft, or game with each of us "batty" girls! My centre is going to incorporate the smartboard where the kids (hold your breath) actually get to throw a KOOSH ball at an image of pumpkins in a pumpkin patch that links to a ton of fun songs, games, and learning challenges!

I am hoping to follow up the big candy night with the writing activity shown in the picture above! In Grade One, the kids get to learn how to make lists and write instructions, what better way to teach this than by telling someone how to make a witch's brew! There are picture prompts of spider webs, and bat wings, and lots of other slimy ingredients for writing success! Thanks to Shelley Gray for another fantastic activity from teachers pay teachers!

Thanks again to all the parents who are bringing special treats for our party and to those who have been helping out both in and out of the classroom!

The kids watched a really great Halloween Safety link to us from Mrs. Fallwell and if you get a chance, you might want to run through it one more time before you head out! Hope you all have a spooktacular night!

Stay tuned for your November Newsletter coming soon!