Saturday, 14 July 2012

Pictures from the Coast! Let the sun shine!

WOW! What a view!

Hydrangas Everywhere!

Yummy with butter! Can't wait!

Life on "The Highway"

Welcome to my new blog!

I am super excited to have created this brand new blog and can't wait to post a million things!
This will be the first of many projects and pictures all about the crazy things going on in my Grade One classroom!  Stay tuned as I learn how to manuver in this new blog location!  See you in September and Welcome to Grade One and First Grade Lemonade!  (PS-the name of the blog came from my LOVE of the drink lemonade but I also like to think that I live my life by the philosophy that when life gives you lemons--and let's face it, sometimes it really does--you can truely turn it into the sweetest and most delicious LEMONADE!  My favourite is actually PINK