Monday, 4 January 2016

Christmas miracle!

Welcome back and hope you had a relaxing break! We had an AMAZING day making our New Years Resolutions and testing out some new word work activities during daily five. Here at school we often talk about the "Christmas miracle" that happens after the break. The kids come back ready to learn, able to listen longer, with greater reading and writing stamina! I'm happy to say ( dare I jinx it!!!) that the Christmas miracle happened in our classroom! These kids caught on so quickly to the new ideas, I just had to Post some pics of them hard at work!  Enjoy! 

 Stamp your sight words!            Match upper/lowercase letter Popsicles!


Unscramble and glue sight words!               Stencil the ABC's and sight words.
Read to self!

Work on Sight Words with

Read to someone!

Park n write CVC words!
Read to self.

Here's a couple pics from before the break too! Look at all the Grinch costumes and faces!