Sunday, 3 November 2013

A Glimpse of Our Fire Safety Day!

Thanks to the Lethbridge Fire Department for their Hazard House Presentation!

Being Fire Detectives with magnifying glasses searching for upper and lower case letters and words!


Thank you so much to everyone who helped organize our Halloween Party and for providing treats, creating amazing costumes, and joining us for pictures and parading! What a fun day!
Our district caretakers are hosting the annual Sock It To’ Em program from Nov. 4-Dec. 12 where we encourage students to donate a pair of new socks for families in need.
We will be starting a new unit about Bears very soon! This theme will encompass all areas of the curriculum as we read and complete many projects related to bears. A fun part of our Bear Unit is the school wide Pajama Day on Nov. 14th. The Grade One classes all get to bring their Teddy Bears on this day and will read, write, and do math with their favourite stuffy all day long! 

Parent Teacher Interviews

This year all the grade one teachers will be doing Student Lead Conferences instead of traditional Parent Teacher Interviews. Thank you for returning your preferred time choices so quickly. I have completed the schedule and slips will be coming home today with your assigned time. In this Student Lead Conference format, your child will lead you through a number of activities designed to highlight their strengths and also help set personal goals for growth. I’m looking forward to having the kids show what they know and to talk to each of you!

                                Curriculum Focus For The Month!         
          LA:Bear Theme

          Continue adding new word families each week
          Build number of words recognized by sight
          Printing (staying on the lines, words are units that must be in a        

          specific order to make sense)
          Focus on short vowels and how they glue CVC words together
          Sayn’slide words (practising the skill of sounding out)
          Review of CafĂ© reading strategies Check for Understanding and      

          introduce Cross Checking , Tune in to interesting words and back-up
          and  reread!
          Daily 5 Read to Self and Word Work continue

Math: Unit 2 Representing numbers to 20
Making sets 10-20
Ordering (before and after 10-20)
Read and write words 10-20
Count up and back to 20
Continue to subitize and learn power of 10 games
Addition to 10
Count by 2 to 20 and 1, 5, 10 to 100

Science: Seasonal Change
How people dress and activities we do in fall
Identify and describe plant & animal changes in fall

Social: My Community, My School
How do people cooperate and live together peacefully
How do groups make decisions
How do people help each other at home and school
How do our actions contribute to the well being of community

Health:Personal Health Wellness
identify the specific physical changes that occur during early childhood (losing teeth, walking, talking, growing)

Gym:Basketball Unit
Demonstrate basic movement skills while learning and participating cooperatively in the game of basketball.

Art:Composition Unit
Students will create artworks based on personal choices and show how they can contrast subject matter (bears) with the background for emphasis. They will use texture to highlight the main part of their composition. 

                              Report from School Council

FMMH Society is now applying for an application with the Lethbridge Casino. They also informed the council that the magazine fundraiser might not reach last year’s goal.
There was a Spring Dance Proposal by Shanea Nilsson for Spring of 2014.
Community Representative: School Council is seeking someone from the community to become a Community Representative for MMH. The requirement is that the Representative does not have a student that attends MMH. If anyone knows of someone that maybe interested, please let me know.
It was brought to our attentions of the overwhelming number scooters at the MMH, so the Council & FMMH Society is looking into get a scooter rack. Right now we are checking into some information of the cost, designs and who will be building it. Will keep you posted on this matter.
If there’s any questions or concerns on the following items that was mention above or if parents have any ideas or suggestions anything, please feel free to e-mail me @

Thank you for your time,
Deanne McDonnell – Class Rep

Spelling Program Coming Home Soon!
This month we will be starting our grade one Spelling program. More specific information will be coming home in the next few weeks along with Spelling Lists and a homework packet on Mondays. You will notice that some of these words are previous sight words and some are phonetic words. This homework has activities for you and your child to do together every night for the week and then return the sheet by Friday. One of the choices from the list is We have been on this site together as a class and in the computer lab as well. If you want to check it out ahead of time, the game the kids really liked was Hang Mouse. Your child will be responsible for practising his/her words each week. Now that your child is reading words by sight, we challenge them to spell them correctly in everyday writing. There will be a test on Friday of these spelling words. (I’ll email the exact date of the first one!) These words also go up on the word wall so children can refer to them if they get stuck during writing. It will save them time and help them get their ideas on paper more quickly if they already know how to spell the words.

What is the Difference Between Sight Words and Spelling Words?
Sight words are words that your child needs to be able to read or recognize by sight. These are words that are not sounded out, but that the brain learns to remember by the shape and chunks in the word. Each week these words are written in agendas under Words Of The Week. We do a variety of activities to master these words including smart board interactive lessons, reading the room, Work on Words during Daily 5 time, and reading them A LOT in our everyday assignments! Spelling words are words that the kids can usually sound out phonetically. We teach them to stretch the sounds when they are writing so that they can hear and record each sound.

Sight Words for November 
Nov. 4     Dog, cat, fish, bird , do
Nov. 11  Jump, swim, fly, run, ran
Nov. 18  Orange, green, it, can
Nov. 25   Big, little, stop, what