Saturday, 21 January 2017

January Spelling Menu Choices and Lists!

Hello! I thought I would post the January Speller's Choice Menu just in case anyone needs it! The lists for the week of Jan. 23-27 are below as well.

                                    January Speller’s Choice Menu

Choose one activity each night during the month of January in order to prepare for your spelling test on Friday. Please write the name of the activity at the top of the page and then complete the activity. 

                             ** Please choose a different activity for each night!** **  

1. Air Words:  Use your finger to write each word in the air. Have an adult do the same. See if you can figure out their word! Please be sure to have someone sign the Speller’s Choice page to say you did it!
 2. ..  . Where are the vowels? Write your words but draw a line instead of putting the vowels.
(a, e, i, o, u)      Ex: b l – –– –    c k c k c k c k    
 3. Sweet & Salty Words: Be sure an adult knows you are going to do this activity! Put some sugar or salt on a plate. Use your finger to write your words in the sugar or salt.

4. Spelling City: : Go to the website and Type in your list and choose pretest, game or post test. Write “Spelling City” on the Speller’s Choice page and have an adult sign it to say you did your words on Spelling City!

5. Computer Fun:  Use your computer to type your words. Use different fonts and make it look really fun! Be sure you print it out and bring it to school. Or you can type your words in an email and email it to me.

6. Other Handed : If you are right handed, rite your words with your left hand. If you are left handed, write with your right!

Lists for Jan. 23-27

1. winter
2. fossil
3. reptile
4. foggy
5. turkey
6. duty
7. final
8. napkin
9. rival
10. cozy

Some of these words follow the VCCV pattern (winter) and some follow the VCV pattern (cozy). Can you sort which are which? Do any break the rules?

1. rain
2. hay
3. tray
4. snake
5. tape
6. ax
7. add
8. crab
9. trap
10. fan

Some of these words have Short a patterns and some have Long a patterns. See how many different long a patterns you can find. (ai) (ay) (a-e)

1. toast
2. goal
3. boat
4. loan
5. toad
6. home
7. rode
8. pose
9. drove
10. cone

All of these words have the long o pattern. Can you find and sort all the ways to make long o? (oa, o-e)

Don't forget Tuesday is Hot Lunch Day and our big One School One Book reveal is happening this Thursday Jan. 26th along with our Family Literacy Night where we will collectively read the first 3 chapters of our mystery novel!  6:30-7:30pm.   If you are unable to attend, simply read the first 3 chapters at home with your child so they'll be ready to discuss it with their friends at school the next day.  Your brand new copy of the book is coming home in......4 more sleeps! ;)

Here's your hint at the title!

Friday, 6 January 2017

Skating Fun!

Thanks to all the drivers, skaters, and people who sent extra skates and helmets! Here are a few pictures from our skating day. I'm sure we will be a little more streamlined next time we go on February 14th now that we know the layout and capacity of the brand new ATB facility!