Wednesday, 27 March 2013




April 8 First day back

April 11 World Autism Day at MMH/Please wear blue today!/Gr. 3 host assembly in gym right after lunch.


April 12, 19,25 Library days/Spelling test days

April 17 Math-A-Thon practise test coming home today. Will be done in class.

April 22- Earth Day

April 25 Helen Schuler Fieldtrip pm- if you can drive please email!!

April 26 Professional Learning Day/No School for students

We will be finishing up our Building Unit and starting a plant/animal unit very soon! The children get to grow their very own plants and learn which parts of a plant we like to eat and what plants/animals need to survive and much more!

Language Arts
We will continue writing & editing with our Fairytale Unit after Easter and I have posted the spelling lists on Spelling City so you can preview over the break if you like. We’ll be looking at ou/ow, oi/oy,and the er sisters! The kids are always working on reading strategies and zipping along with Daily Five!

We will be starting a quick little unit on caring for our environment that ties in nicely with Earth Day! After that we dive into a big unit called Moving Forward With the Past! This unit will include a fieldtrip to the Galt Museum on June 4 and bussing is provided by the museum.

Kickball is coming soon!!

Sight Words
April 8-12 our, round, how, now know
April 15-19 oil, soil, boil, coil, boy
April 22-25 over, under, after, her, yesterday

Niagra Falls Lights It Up Blue!
We will soon be starting a BIG unit called Numbers to 100. This unit includes place value, using the mental math strategy of making 10 for adding and subtracting, grouping numbers to 100 by 2, 5, and 10 , comparing, representing and , describing numbers to 100 and so much more!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Spring Ahead?

In spite of the snow, we decided to spring ahead in grade one today! We teamed up Science, Math, and Art to make these pretty cool 2D/3D flowers! The kids did such an amazing job I just had to post a couple of pics for you! Have a great night!

Sunday, 3 March 2013


We have so many things to do and learn this month and they all revolve around Fairytales. We are starting out with Rapunzel and the Three Billy Goats and will be meeting The Three Little Pigs plus a few more over the next few weeks. The kids will be writing some fairytales of their own and our focus is making sure we have all story elements character, setting, problem and solution! A great website with inspiring illustrations to practise on at home is
We are diving into our building unit in science and the kids are starting to use terms like materials, tools, and fasteners! Each project we build is designed to help the children choose materials wisely and understand that everything they make has a purpose and a function. This unit ties together nicely with our Fairytale unit as we will test our bridges to see if they can support the weight of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff and will see if our houses from the Three Little Pigs can withstand an earthquake or windstorm! The kids are encouraged to talk about their projects afterward and decide what materials worked best and what designs they would modify and try again. A huge thank you to everyone who has collected and sent building materials! An exciting part of our building unit was the trip to Home Hardware where we actually got to use the drill press , hammers, and nails! The kids painted their pencil holders in Art the other day and they are looking very colourful! We just need to add the finishing touches and paper pads and pencils! Can’t wait to set them on our desks and actually use them!

Our new Geometry Unit in Math also ties in nicely with our Science Building and LA Fairytales! One of the big ideas in the geometry unit is that 2D items are called shapes and 3D items are called objects. The kids learn to use geometrical language and to describe, sort, and compare both 2D shapes and 3D objects. And of course, we get to build by replicating a design that is given and by problem solving the best way to fit pieces together. And of course we continue to reinforce the basic skills of number operation and number sense every day during our morning calendar time.

Sight Words For The Month
March 4-7 again, say, May, birthday, ate

March 11-15 when, where, who, what, once
March 18-21 brown, brick, bring, pretty, from, fry

March 25-28 daddy, mommy, funny, any, every

Spelling Words
There are several weeks in March that are 4 day weeks so we will have spelling tests and Library Days on Thursdays instead.  Spelling lists will continue to come home on Mondays and can also be found at

Important Dates!
March 8: PD day no school for kids

March 7,15,21,29 Library & Spelling test day

March 8:District Staff Learning Day! No school for students

March 14:Spirit Assembly @12:30 WEAR GREEN!!!!

March 15: Report Cards come home!

March 21 Celebration of Learning drop-in night 5:30-7:00PM

March 22 No classes P/T interview

March 28: Easter Sock Hop-pm in the gym

March 29: Good Friday: no classes