Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Because of Winn Dixie

Hi everyone! Thanks so much to the people who had a chance to finish the work that came home in the supply bags and if you haven't gotten to it yet, I completely understand that we are all adjusting to our new reality!!

Our class was in the midst of reading the novel Because of Winn Dixie and I really wanted the kids to have a chance to find out what happens to Opal and her dog. So check out the learning links to the right and you will see there is a youtube version where each chapter is being read aloud. They can relax and listen each day or binge them all if they like! We had just finished Chapter 11. 

When they are done the book they can complete the movie poster project below that can be done with paper and markers. The kids will know the format as we completed one for the novel Stone Fox.

Hope this makes your week a little easier until we get our other blog up and published! It is coming soon!

Be sure to check out Learn Alberta site as well, there are some green (open) sites that you can use which includes BookFlix, Britannica School, National Geographic kids virtual Library, and Teaching Books.net.  I will include this in the learning links to the right for you. Teaching Books.net has activities that go with Winn Dixie if you are wanting some additional resources.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

March 17, 2020 Update

Hello everyone!

Hope you are doing well and staying healthy and safe!I wanted to share some information items with you and post some optional things for your children to work on while they are home. 

Tomorrow Wednesday March 18 you are able to come into the school between 8-10 am to pick up your child's school supplies. If this day is not convenient, the next available day is Wednesday March 25 from 8-10 am.

Please take some time to go through the bag with your child so they can tell you about the things we have been learning. There is a file folder inside the book box that was intended for Celebration of Learning Night (now cancelled) which contains many samples of their work. Also, if you have any library books at home, Ms. Renner has asked that you bring them with you and drop them off in the office! 

What Can I Do, Mom?
You might be hearing that often this week, so I included a few extra things in your child's bag that you can access right away! 

1. Headset bag- all the log ins for various online learning are colour coded and in your child's ziplock bag. The common sites we use each day are :
Get Epic, Math Prodigy or Zorbit's Math.  Your child can continue using these. 

2. Looking At Lethbridge Reflection Sheet- I tucked your child's blue Engineer Notebook on the floor under their bag. Please be sure to take this as well. Inside is all the hard work they have done throughout our project including their opinion writing AND a reflection sheet for them to do at home if you like. 
3. Social Studies- you will also find tucked in the blue Engineer Notebook an Inca Building Web Quest. Students can use this guide and follow the links to learn about Peru's past civilization.
Peru Clothing I've also included the traditional Peru clothing cutouts for kids to colour and cut out as they learn the names "pollera" which refers to the skirt worn by Peruvian woman and the "poncho" worn by the men.  The kids made a little person to put the clothes on. We planned to make outfits for each country studied! 
Inti the Sun God: to colour and read about as part of the Peruvian festival of the Sun.
4. Cursive Booklets: the kids were super excited to learn cursive handwriting and I've included the booklets that we started. Please feel free to continue working in them as you have time. Here is the link to the letterschool site I use to model proper formation. They love it!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC5LNdLI00U  

5. Health- in your child's bag there is a gray duo-tang labelled Health that has much of the health curriculum objectives for the year. Please feel free to read and then answer or complete the activities with your child. 

6. Math- we just finished Multiplication in math and the kids were working on creating posters to show what they know. The instructions to create the poster are here for you if you'd like to continue with that, along with the anchor chart that is in our classroom.  All you need is some paper and markers! 
I had also purchased some Lucky Charms in preparation for introducing division using the shapes by having kids divide them into equal groups. I'm sure they would love it and I encourage you to try it out if you have a chance! 

Thanks for reading to the end of this post and I hope these activities help you and your kids get through this week!  Try to get outdoors and enjoy this warmer weather and keep checking your Class Dojo as that will be my primary contact point.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

February News 2020

Mrs. Payne’s Class Newsletter 2020 

Reading Strategies: Character Studies 
We are starting our next Reading Unit called Character Studies and are excited to be reading Because of Winn Dixie.  We will be learning that good readers notice how a new character talks and acts and gets to know a character as a friend We will learn to follow a character’s journey and eventually be comparing and contrasting characters across books. 

Writing Strategies: Changing the World/Opinion Writing Unit continues.  We’ve worked on finding and solving problems both large and small to express our opinions. We will continue with this type of writing for February reinforcing the OREO format: Opinion, Reasons, Examples, Opinion (restated)/brave bold thesis statements/ consider your audience. 

Math: We’ve worked very hard on double- and triple-digit addition with and without regrouping, estimating and rounding, and fact families! We continue weekly practise of basic facts and are starting multiplication! In Grade 3 kids need to know their times tables facts to 5X5.  We are learning that if we can skip count, we can learn our facts quickly! We will learn the parts of a multiplication equation including the terms product and factors and will talk about the identity property which tells us that any number times 1 is just itself!    

Science: Looking at Lethbridge Project! We are becoming Engineers for our Building With a Variety of Materials unit. We were lucky to have had Abby Slovak, Land Development Manager for the City of Lethbridge come to our school to talk about some of the inspiration, criteria, costs, and constraints of building in Lethbridge followed this week by Jessie Potrie, the architect who helped design Coalbanks Elementary. He presented some inspiring designs and shared some 3D models of his work to get the kids excited about their own building projects. The kids did their surveys this week to find out what type of building is most needed on the west side. The surveys helped them narrow down their choices and they now know their number one building choice There will be a letter coming home soon asking for materials to build the final project. We will be drawing up blueprints in the next 2-3 weeks and construction will be underway soon!  

You may have heard the exciting news that our class has received 65 rainbow trout eggs from the Bow Habitat Station in Calgary. We have had 63 of them hatch to the Alevin stage just last week. The kids are doing a great job of recording temperatures and checking our aquarium each day. We will get to start feeding them soon and are anxiously awaiting the next stage in the life cycle which is the fry stage. Our class got to participate in a webinar that explained how and where the eggs came from and the kids got to interact with the speaker and ask questions and see other classrooms who are sharing this journey with us! It's been a fun project so far, can't wait til they are big enough to release into the wild! 

Social: Traditions and Celebrations in all 4 countries continues! We are in the midst of creating some Peruvian Llama art pieces and learned a ton about India over the past few weeks. We know that Diwali is a popular celebration in India and we created some traditional henna hand art which is often used at weddings and other special days. The kids are creating PowerPoints about their learning to review and solidify all the traditions and celebrations we have learned about.  

 7 Sacred Teachings: Honesty 

Skating Fieldtrip: Thanks to those who have already volunteered to supervise at the ATB arena for skating on Feb. 13th  on the bus 1:00-2:15. We are in need of a few more supervisors so please return the bottom of the included form if you are able to help out, or email/Dojo me! Thanks so much!  
Important Dates to Remember in February!  
Feb 1- Feed The Bug begins! Please send in non-perishable items to donate 
Feb 5- Winter Walk 1:15 around the school grounds 
Feb 10- Arby's hot lunch order deadline 
Feb 13 Skating to ATB 1:00 on busses return at 2:15/ Valentine’s Class Party 
Feb 14- Dress Your Best day! Happy Valentines! 
Feb 17 - No School Family Day 
Feb 18-21 No School- Reading Week & Teacher’s Convention 
Feb 25 – Arby's Hot Lunch Grades 1, 2, 3/ Honesty Assembly 10:45am/FINS webinar#2 
Feb 27 – Pink Shirt Day  

Thanks to our volunteers who are sending treats for our Valentines Day Party on the afternoon of Feb. 13th 
 Dane McMillan is sending a veggie tray with dip 
Everett Bergsma is sending paper plates and drink boxes for 18 students.  
Eden Green cheese and crackers 
Bennett Schipper  fruit tray with dip.   

Mrs. Payne’s Valentines Day Class List 
Mohammad Alhariri 
Everett Bergsma 
Cash Gobin 
Eden Green 
Denver Hubbard 
Dane McMillan 
Ethan Nordquist 
Logan Pike 
Alexa Roberts 
Ahmed Shallar 
Bennett Schipper 
Kylar Smallface 
Jenna Terry 
Bostyn Tindall 
Bella Woodruff 
Walker Sexton
Bailey Chabbay
Georgia Olsen