Wednesday, 30 November 2016

December Newsletter 2016

Important Dates to Remember!

December 8: Christmas Gala at MMH 6:30-8:00pm
If you are new to our school, a Christmas Gala is an evening of Christmas activities, dance and snacks at the school. It is meant as a family fun night out to participate in various Christmas crafts and activities throughout the school. I hope we can see you all there.  (Once again, for those new to the school - we alternate each year between Christmas Gala and Christmas Concert. Next year will be a concert year.)

December 2: Hot Lunch orders due online

December 13: Hot Lunch

December 19-23: Caroling in the gym at 8:30am

December 15: Fieldtrip to Galt Museum (busses provided!)

December 22: Skating Fieldtrip to the new ATB Arena 9:45-11:00

December 22: Cookie decorating in the afternoon. Please send candies/sprinkles to top our treats!  (cookies and icing will be provided!)

December 23: Dress Like Christmas Spirit Assembly pm/last day before holidays

January 9: First day back after school!
If you would like to drive/supervise on the skating trip please message or email me or send in the form that is coming home soon! Thanks a bunch!

LA: A Sense of Place Inquiry Unit/ Read Across Canada continues

Reading Strategies: Readers Give themselves a comprehension check by asking:  1. Who is in this part?
2. What just happened?
3. Does this fit with something that already happened, or is this new?

Picture of the Day: Inference vs Observation/Reading longer and stronger/set up systems for finding & sharing great books

Math: November Math Daily Warm Ups, Number Sense: Numbers to 1000 Unit: We are busy showing large numbers in 2 different ways and remembering the many different FORMS we can show numbers in:
standard form: 345
written form: three hundred forty-five
expanded form: 300 + 40 + 5
base ten name: 3 hundreds 4 tens 5 ones

Science: Testing Materials and Designs Unit: today we formed our company called Payne Construction and learned what a fair test is so that we can work hard as engineers this month to test beams, arches, and pillars. 

Social: India Unit (Celebrations, geography, climate, clothing, resources, foods and more!) We've learned where India is in relation to Canada, discussed the population of both countries and how that might affect the quality of life in each. We've also found some of the important geographic features and major cities in India. We wonder if and how they celebrate Christmas there.

Theme:  Christmas

Earth Rangers and U o L Drama Presentation

Here are a few of the fun activities that we have been enjoying at MMH! We had Earth Rangers on Monday 21st...

...and the University of Lethbridge performed several plays for the students on Tuesday 29th!