Saturday, 31 May 2014

June Newsletter

I can hardly believe it’s June already. This year has flown by so quickly! We have a million exciting events planned for this month and I thank you in advance for all the volunteer hours that have and will be spent over the next few weeks. We are still working hard on our plant and animal unit in Science, Addition and Subtraction to 20 followed by Measurement in Math, and continuing with History in Social! In addition we find time to fit in some outdoor games in Gym, Symmetry in Flower Art, and some secret Father’s Day projects! Shhh!
Thank you to everyone who walked over to the Pow Wow on Friday! The weather was perfect and the dancers were all very talented. It seems the Hoop Dancer was the favourite among our class.
Another thanks for the caterpillar timelines and baby pictures that came pouring in last week. The kids will be presenting them over the course of this week so you still have time to send one if you have not already done so! We are going to put up the baby pictures and see if they can guess whose who!
I’ve attached a calendar of events to help you remember all the special days and times. Our big event for June is a fieldtrip to the Galt Museum on June 9th just before morning recess. Luckily, the museum provides buses for this trip, but if you would like to come help supervise please fill out the form at the end of this newsletter.
The entire staff at Mike Mountain Horse would like to say a HUGE thank you to all parents for your tremendous dedication in supporting teachers and children in their learning all year long. A special Pancake Breakfast will be held on Tuesday June 3th from 7:00-8:20am to show our appreciation.
Just a quick reminder that all library books are due back in the library and the children will not be checking out any new stories from now until the end of the year. The kids will write and let you know the last day for home reading in their agendas soon! This is our last week for spelling words with the final test on June 6th. This is also a good time to visit the lost and found with your child to claim any missing items if you have not already done so.
Our big year end picnic will be held on Tuesday June 24th . More handouts will follow in the next few weeks. It is held at the Elk’s Picnic Shelter at the river bottom and all five grade one classes will be there! We are booking busses for this event and hope you can sneak away over the lunch hour from 11:45 to 1:00 to picnic with us. It’s a really fun day and I hope you
ll be able to join us!
Dates To Remember for June

June 3 Pancake Breakfast 7:00-8:20-All parents welcome!
June 4 Kindergarten switch day in pm-grade ones re-visit Kindergarten and the little ones get to spend an afternoon in Grade One!
June 9 Fieldtrip to Galt Museum-busses leave at 9:00
June 11 Pioneer Day-students dress like pioneer and we attempt to use no technology for the entire day!
June 15 Happy Father’s Day!
June 17 Sports Day 10:30-2:00 Your child’s team wears a coloured shirt
See below-(June 19th -alternate day)
June 23 Farewell assembly 9:00am
June 24 Year End Picnic (11:45-1:00ish) more notes to follow soon!
June 26 Students last day dismissal at 11:45/Year end Assembly 10:00
Report cards come home on this day
June 27 Professional Development Day for teachers

Sports Day Colour Teams
Please send your child to school in a the colour listed below on Sports Day ( June 17). If you do not have this particular colour, please don’t rush out and buy something-we can easily switch a team or possibly locate a pinney!
Red Shirts: Lliam, Sho, Mya, Nimesh, Samiya
Blue Shirts: Aiden, Parker, Saba, Sophie M, Cambria
White Shirts: Summer, Hayden, Lacey, Jackson, Sophie P.
Yellow Shirts: Audrey, Blake, Amy, Eden, Conner, Roxanna

Art Gallery Trip

We got to see that each person can interpret art in their own unique way and that process and product are both very important!

We got to explore and try to discover themes in artworks like this one about animals.

We got to choose which pieces we liked best and tell why.

Beach Day Pictures and The Easter Sock Hop!

Dental Egg Experiment-Look what pop does to your teeth!!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

May News and a few pics too!

Dates To Remember for May

May 5-8 Education Week “We Are Teachers” theme
May 7 Hats on for Mental Health day! Have your child wear a hat to school today!

May 7 Drum presentation 9-10am and Leader in Me Family

Assembly hosted by Grade 2 “Seek to Understand” 12:30

May 8 Spelling test day today instead of Friday/Cradle Board Presentation 1:00-2:00 /Fun Friends program begins 2:05- 3:05/Sharing Day

May 9 Professional Development Day-No School for studentsMay 11 Happy Mother’s Day!

May 14 School wide Skipathon Day

May 15 Fun Friends program 2:05-3:05/Sharing Day

May 16 Spelling test day

May 19 Victoria Day-No SchoolMay 22 SAAG Fieldtrip 10:30-12:00/Sharing Day-Thanks to those who have already volunteered to drive. We are still in need of 3 more if you are available please email or drop by!

May 23 Spelling test

May 28 Pioneer Day-Remember Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie? This is a dress up day where we will attempt to use no technology as they did in the “olden” days! more info. To follow soon

May 29 Fun Friends program 2:05-3:05/ Sharing Day

May 30 POW WOW at Nicholas Sheran 9:30-10:30/ Last       spelling test day of the year!
Last day for class requests for next year to Mr. Bryant.

June 4 Kindergarten switch day. Grade One students get to go back and visit a Kindergarten classroom, while the K-children check out Grade One!

Grade Ones host Leader in Me family assembly at 12:30. Our theme is Habit #6 Synergize

June 5, 12 Sharing Days!

June 9 Fieldtrip to Galt Museum “Moving Forward With The Past”9:20-10:50 (leaving the school at 9:00 buses provided)

June 15 Happy Father’s Day!

June 17 UPDATE * Sports Day 9:00-2:00

June 18 Farewell to Mr. Bryant Assembly time TBA

June 20 Camping Day! For all the grade one classes

June 23 Farewell to staff Assembly 9:00-10:00am

June 24 Year End Picnic -more information to follow

June 26 Students last day dismissal at 11:45/Year end Assembly 10:00
June 27 Professional Development Day for teachers