Friday, 13 June 2014


Sports Day Colour Teams
TUESDAY JUNE 17 is SPORTS DAY! Please send your child to school in a the colour listed below on Sports Day. If you do not have this particular colour, please don’t rush out and buy something-we can easily switch a team or possibly locate a pinney!
Red Shirts: Lliam, Sho, Mya, Nimesh, Samiya
Blue Shirts: Aiden, Parker, Saba, Sophie M, Cambria
White Shirts: Summer, Hayden, Lacey, Jackson, Sophie P.
Yellow Shirts: Audrey, Blake, Amy, Eden, Conner, Roxanna

Thank you to the Fords and Pereverseff's for volunteering to set up and run our Sports Day Stations! 

June 20 is CAMP DAY for Grade One. Please send your child to school on that day with
1. a sleeping bag or blanket.
2. a flashlight.
Be sure your child has their backpack on camp day also, as that’s how we will be carrying our stuff with us from station to station.  Thanks!